Задания лингвистической олимпиады

Лингвистическая олимпиада «Знатоки английского языка» (для 10-11 классов)


I. General Information

1.      What parts does the UK consist of?

2.      What river is the British capital situated on?

3.      What is the capital of Scotland?

4.      What is the capital of Wales?

5.      What is the capital of Northern Ireland?

6.      What is the symbol of England?

7.      What is the symbol of Scotland?

8.      What is the symbol of Wales?

9.      What is the symbol of Northern Ireland?

10.  What is the national costume of Scotland?

11.  What is the national instrument of Scots?

12.  What tribes invaded Britain in the 5th century?

13.  Who came to Britain from Denmark and Norway in the 9th century?


 II. Geographical Position.

1.      What channel lies between Britain and the continent of Europe?

2.      What are the largest islands of the British Isles?

3.      What is the highest mountain peak in Wales?

4.       What is the highest mountain peak in Britain?

5.      How is the northern part of Scotland called?

6.      How is the southern part of Scotland called?

7.      What is the longest river in Britain?

8.      Why do the British people often talk about the weather?

9.      What is the most famous forest in England?

10.  What is the worst thing about the climate of the British Isles?

11.  What is the best and the driest season in Britain?

12.   What is Loch Ness famous for?

13.  Why is it possible to travel by water from one end of England to the other?


III. Places of Interest.  

1.      Where did the most of the English Kings and Queens have their coronation ceremonies?

2.      What is the London home of the Queen?

3.      Where does the Prime Minister of Great Britain live?

4.      What birds live in the Tower of London?

5.      What is Hyde Park famous for?

6.      What is there in the centre of Trafalgar Square?

7.      What is the Madame Tussaud’s Museum famous for?

8.      What is Covent Garden in London?

9.      What is Whitehall famous for?

10.  What park is London Zoo is?

11.  What is Piccadilly Circus famous for?

12.  What is the home town of William Shakespeare?

13.  What is Wimbledon associated with?



IV. Famous People.

1.      Who printed the first English book?

2.      What was Geoffrey Chaucer?

3.      Who wrote the book “Gulliver’s Travels”?

4.      Who is known as the author of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”?

5.      Who is known as the author of “Robinson Crusoe”?

6.      What kind of writer was Herbert Wells?

7.      Who wrote “The Invisible Man”?

8.      Who was the creator of the characters of Doctor Watson and Sherlock Holmes?

9.      Who wrote adventure stories about James Bond?

10.  How many detective stories did Agatha Christie write?

11.  Where was Charlie Chaplin born?

12.  What was the Beatles?

13.  Who was the architect of St. Paul’s Cathedral?


V. Political System.

1.      What kind of state is Great Britain?

2.      What is the head of state of Great Britain?

3.      Where are laws made in Great Britain?

4.      What Houses is the British parliament divided into?

5.      How many members are there in the House of Lords?

6.      How many members are there in the House of Commons?

7.      Which House of the British parliament is elected by people?

8.      Who is the chairperson of the House of Lords?

9.      Who is the chairperson of the House of Commons?

10.  Who may put a bill before Parliament?

11.  When do members of each House meet in session?

12.  When does a bill become an Act of Parliament?

13.  Who heads the government of Great Britain?