Historical foundations of the State symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan

June 4, 1992 - an important event occurred: the State symbols of Kazakhstan were adopted. State symbols - heraldic images, created according to all the canons of modern political culture and historical identity, declared not only the fact of the state independence of the country, but also the essence of the most important principles of building a new state.

An important attribute of state symbols is the coat of arms, translated from German means “inheritance” or “share in inheritance”. The history of the emblems on the Kazakh land begins with the appearance of the first state associations on it. In other words, the history of the coat of arms is the history of the state.

As world experience shows, the characteristic features of the coat of arms of a separate state make it possible to distinguish it from another state. For example, the Sak tribes of the early Iron Age had generic totem signs that allowed them to be distinguished from each other. Tamga - meant a special sign, a sacred symbol, a generic seal. On the clothes of the “Golden Man”, found during excavations of the Issyk kurgan of the V century BC, there were about 4 thousand ornaments made in “animal style” and made in the form of leopard, goat, argali, moose, horses and various birds. From here, the “Koshkar myyz” ornament (argali horns), which are part of our flag, is borrowed.

Changes in the State Emblem

The inscription on the coat of arms in Kazakhstan was changed from "Kazakhstan" to the Latin script "Qazaqstan"


 “Changes were made to the national standard in the part of writing the word“ Kazakhstan ”on the Latin script“ Qazaqstan ”throughout the text of the standard, as well as in the tolerance of the color range ΔE,” says the information distributed on Thursday.

Сlass hours

As part of the implementation of the program “Rouhani zagyru” and the second anniversary of the publication of the article by N.A. Nazarbayeva. “Looking into the future: modernization of consciousness” April 9 to April 12, 2019, class hours were held from 5-11 classes.

Собрание педагогического коллектива школы по разъяснению выступления Президента Н А.Назарбаева на XVIII очередном съезде партии «Нұр Отан»

28 марта 2019 года состоялось собрание педагогического коллектива  школы по разъяснению выступления Президента  Н А.Назарбаева на XVIII очередном съезде партии «Нұр Отан»

С докладом выступили директор школы Шугаева Б,К.,учитель истории Довбня Е.С.  В выступлениях были отмечены основные направления социальной политики :